Share, indulge, enjoy: Isle Of Skye Ice Cream

Our ice creams are prepared with loving care and attention so that you get the very best taste and texture.

We use the freshest ingredients in our cherished recipes and we are always searching for new flavours!

Our flavours:

  • Vanilla, chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Puff candy
  • Raspberry ripple
  • Choc chip
  • Caramel swirl
  • Very Berry
  • Mint choc chip
  • Cranachan  - (honey and toasted oatmeal)
  • Roasted banana and caramel
  • Blueberry and shortbread
  • Melted vanilla
  • Rocky road
  • Mocha crunch
  • Chocolate and cherry

Our flavours are available in the following sizes:

  • 4 litre Napoli
  • 4 litre catering tubs
  • 125 ml single serving tubs
  • 500 ml take home tubes

To discuss your requirements, and for more information about our flavours, call us today

A lady in a hotel with a tub of chocolate Isle of Skye Ice cream
 A young girl enjoying a a vanilla ice cream in a cone at the seaside

Order your ice cream today! Phone us now: 01478 611 855

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